Today in 1919 The Order Of DeMolay was founded. And this is an organization that I joined in 1976 who's impact on me was immeasurable.

DeMolay is a masonic organization for young men ages 13-21 of good character. And it was essentially a public service organization. We did car washes, cleaned the stands after the circus would come through town, and our infamous "Coffee Stops."

On the Mondays of both Memorial Day and Labor Day, we'd set up at a rest stop between Great Falls and Helena and offer drivers coffee and doughnuts. The idea was to make people feel refreshed before they drove the rest of their journey.

Many friends I made way back then are still friends to this day.

And I realize that my folks were probably just trying to find something for me to do, but it sure turned out to be one of the most positive experiences of my entire life.

Conclaves, basketball tournaments, The Sweetheart Balls where we got to dance with the Rainbow Girls & Jobs Daughters, and being in the Squirrel Squad are all great memories.

Then a few years ago I was awarded DeMolays Legion Of Honor for "outstanding leadership in my field, and carrying the ideals of DeMolay into every day life."

Like the buttons we used to have said, "I'm For DeMolay".

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