I'm sorry to the lady that I cut off in traffic yesterday. I wasn't really focusing on the road. It was a phone call about an important family member. And I realize that talking on your cell phone is against the law. But so is, doing 50 mph in a 35 mph zone while going across 3 lanes of traffic with one "blink" of your turn signal. And even though you did that, I didn't feel the need to drive up next to you and point it out. But, I might next time.

I received a couple of Messenger messages about my "Not One Cent More" blog from yesterday. But, I pay considerably more taxes than any of my messengers do. And our system of taxes in America, where everything is supposed to be "fair" & "equal", is the farthest thing from it. Not sorry about how I feel.

And yesterday I learned that not only was I unfriended by a lady that disagrees with me & the 2nd amendment, but I was flat out BLOCKED by her. I'm sorry she couldn't see anybody else's point of view, but I'm not the least bit sorry that she "Facebook broke up" with me.

And speaking of "Sorry", that's a board game that we added to our house this year, the weather is making tonight look a lot like game night at our place. Have a great weekend. Please be safe out there.

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