Did you see the line yesterday of everyone at Metra trying to get their boxes of at-home test kits? It was crazy. Everyone out there thinks they are going to die. Not true.

I was wondering if they are going to start handing out free Influenza test kits? Why not? People who are vulnerable will die from it, THIS YEAR. You see, last year Montana had virtually no lab-tested cases of influenza. It had just magically disappeared from our everyday lives.

This year is a different story. According to the Billings Gazette this morning, Montana has already had 1823 confirmed flu cases since October. In Yellowstone County, we have had 660 of those.

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What a remarkable comeback for something that was non-existent last year. Influenza is a virus that there is no cure for. Your flu shot lessens the symptoms you may have and will help keep you out of the hospital.

Why don't we need two shots and a booster to keep us all from dying from the flu? Are these people in line for the test kits having to prove they are vaccinated? They told us if you're vaccinated you are safe, nothing to worry about. So why are all the tests going out? A vaccinated person is home free and poses no danger, right?

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Some day we will learn about all of this: Dr. Fauci, where COVID-19 came from, the inflated numbers, the money earned, the actual causes of death, the payouts, everything. We will learn it all. In the meantime get your flu shot because it is now rearing its ugly head again... this year.

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