If you're a long time listener of The Breakfast Flakes you've heard Mark Wilson make the comment that Kenny Chesney owes his career to Jimmy Buffett. While many artists have written Buffett-like songs such as Zac Brown Band's-Chicken Fried or Toby Keiths'-Red Solo Cup, Kenny Chesney at times seems to channel Buffett right down to his beachy lifestyle.

Now, if what would seem an effort to drive that point home further, Chesney has teamed up with master rum blender Mike Booth to create Blue Chair Bay rum. It comes in two flavors: Coconut and Coconut Spiced. Frankly, as big a Captain Morgan's fan as I am (and that goes for Parrot Bay too) it never occurred to me to mix the spiced and coconut versions together. Shiver me Timber's I'm so angry I never thought of that!

Frankly I don't care whether Chesney is a Buffett clone or not because I love both of their music. However when it comes to the world of food and drink Blue Chair Bay's Coconut Spiced rum is a damn sight better that Buffett's crappy "Cheeseburger in Paradise" (The restaurant, not the song).

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