I think all of have been in s situation where we wondered if our child was lying to us. Have you ever wondered how you can detect if they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes?

According to former FBI profiler and interrogation expert Jack Trimarco, a mother is the best polygraph examiner in the world. Here are Trimarco's top clues for figuring out if your child is being dishonest:

Double is trouble
A lying child may repeat your last statement in a ploy to gain time to think up a believable response.

Facing the facts
Changing facial expressions, or gestures such as nose scratching or brow wiping, often signal dissembling.

Missing a beat
Some kids know it's wrong to fib, they may deliver a whopper in a lowered voice, or change the tone or tempo of their speech.

Talking too much
A less-than-truthful child may feel compelled to fill empty air time with unsolicited information. Unless your kids is the type who reports every detail, rambling is a sure sing he's feeding you bull.

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