Some questions.

There are a couple of things that I would like your opinion on this week during Farmer Finishers.

Apps on apps.

We read an interesting article this morning on apps. They are becoming more and more common when purchasing everything from coffee to clothes. Do you like them? How often do you use them and do you like the results?

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Property taxes.

The second question is something I discussed this morning about property taxes. I thought since we need real Tax reform in this state to make it more equitable, how would you feel about a ballot initiative to eliminate property taxes once you hit 65 years of age?

I'm sure we could get enough signatures to get it on the ballot. We would need to put a few things in there like you've had to be a resident tax payer for 20 years or something like that but think of the disposable income it would give seniors. They will have more than paid enough by 65.

We have a budget surplus and they are currently thinking about tax reform anyway. Otherwise, you will never have your home paid off as long as you own it. It could add 2,3, or 4 thousand dollars to a retiree's income every year. It could be residential only but still make a huge income difference for people and every 5 years your evaluations are going nowhere but up.

People are living to 90 in the same home they've had for 30,40 50 years. Give them a break if we are not going to change our tax system completely. I'm for it, what do you think?

See ya Monday at 5.

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