Mailing A Letter In Montana Is About To Change

Writing a letter and sending it through the mail seems almost antiquated, but the United States Postal Service is still one of the best things America has ever created, in my opinion.

Thousands of Montana residents rely on the USPS on a daily basis, but starting soon there will be some changes in how you do business with them.

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The United States Postal Service Is "Delivering For America."

When it comes to favorable ratings in our federal agencies, only the National Park Service (81%) has a higher approval rating than the USPS (77%).

That said, there are improvements that can always be made, and that's why the USPS came up with their "Delivering For America" 10-year plan.

As part of that plan to help modernize the postal service, the cost of stamps will be going up again on July 14th, but by how much?

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How Much Will The Cost Of Stamps Be Going Up?

Remember back in 2007 when the USPS issued the "Forever Stamps" for 41 cents per stamp?

If you bought a bunch of those, you were pretty smart because they're still valid to use, and now the cost of a stamp is rising to 73 cents per stamp.

It's not the only pricing change coming to Montana either:

  • Letters (metered 1 oz.) jumping from 64 to 69 cents
  • Domestic postcards jumping from 53 to 56 cents
  • International postcards jumping from $1.55 to $1.65
  • International Letters (1 oz.) jumping from $1.55 to $1.65
  • Additional per-ounce price for single piece letters jumping from 23 to 28 cents.

On a side note, the USPS told CBS News that the cost of renting a Post Office Box will not be going up, and they've reduced the cost of postal insurance by 10%.

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