This week, I ventured over to Rimrock Mall to look for some new clothes and such, as anyone who meets me knows I have about... 3... shirts, and 5 of the literally identical pair of pants. During my adventure, besides having to forcefully pull myself away from Cinnabon, I realized a store I avoided was covered over... and is being replaced by a much better option.

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Hello Millennial Heaven

This new store is going in right next to Zumies in the mall, where Rejeunir Black Caviar once was, and is expected to bring a BUNCH of things the 20-40 somethings will love (I know I will). Here's the mall guide below:


So, what is the store?

BoxLunch! I've NEVER heard of this store, but in talking with people in Zumies, I learned it is owned by HotTopic, and aimed at those who have somewhat "aged out" of HotTopic, but still want to find stuff from OUR era.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

Plus, as an added bonus, every $10 spent at BoxLunch gets a donation of one meal to local food banks. As of 2023, they have donated over 150 MILLION meals in partnership with Feeding America.

In looking around on, that holds true. Toys & Collectables, Clothes for all, accessories, TONS of pop culture items... it'll be a GREAT addition to this location in the mall. Plus, as an added bonus, I doubt they will run out of the store and try forcing their products on you.

Are you excited to see the mall adding some fresh, new stores? Have you heard of BoxLunch? Let us know on App Chat, or on Facebook!

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