I really do enjoy dressing up...but when I choose to.

We were talking this morning about the early days of flying after the war as it was viewed as an event and people dressed to the max. I even watched a baseball special on the Boston vs. Reds World Series in 1975 and people were still wearing suits and dresses to the games.

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I think dressing properly also teaches etiquette, discipline, and respect for certain things in your children. I remember back in 2007, we took all of our kids on a cruise and they all actually liked getting dressed to the max for the fancy dinners every night.

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There's a time and a place.

I still to this day respect weddings and usually wear a full suit. Even to the one I attended where the father of the bride wore a hoodie with the Grizzly logo on the front, I still wore a sports coat with classy boots.

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I don't know what changed, but for most, it's no big deal and they can do what they want.

I was invited to a holiday party and the attire was semi-formal, I don't mind that. It kind of makes the event stand out, kind of special.

Things have changed.

It seems there is no dignity anymore among the majority of the public. This is what you get, if you don't like it: kiss off. I know it's a free country and things have changed, but sometimes it makes you wonder where we are heading as a society. Don't sweat it and don't look.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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