Today, Billings Public Schools notified parents via email they plan to hire a NEW superintendent to replace the current one, Greg Upham, on July 1st, 2023.

The School District has sent out a survey asking parents, guardians, and staff to provide their input on the next superintendent.

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What's In The Survey?

Here are the questions inside the Survey.

  • Which of the following describes your relationship to the district?
  • What one word best describes how you feel about the district?
  • What are three strengths of your school, district, and/or community?
  • Rate the quality of the following aspects of the district, from Poor to Excellent
    • Relationship with Families
    • Relationship with the surrounding community
    • Relationship with local organizers
    • Communication
    • Transparency
    • Fiscal Management
  • Would a collaborative or authoritative leader best suit the district?

And more. The district has outlined a detailed survey for the community to take part in, and to better our school system for Billings.

If you would like to take this survey, click the button below.

What are your thoughts on our school system here in Billings? For me, I see SD2 as a huge improvement compared to the school system I went through as a kid. I envied the kids who went to school here in Billings, knowing that the options for schooling in my hometown were limited. Who knows what could have been if I had the options these kids do here?

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