Potential School Crisis Averted
At this point I have no idea how this situation was identified, but I'm grateful to whomever made the call. This may never have been a real threat, or we could have been added to the list of cities where tragedy struck. I for one am glad we didn't take chances.
Food Trucks at Schools
Does anyone like my idea of bringing food trucks to our high schools on a rotational basis. This would be a great step towards making our schools safer. The kids could not leave the confines of a safe campus and yet have a variety food brought to them each day...
Levies For School District 2 Rejected: Now What?
Now that voters have rejected the 2 levies for School District 2, what do you suggest? I see that most of the levies in our listening area were voted down. So, my question is "What now?"
Do we just rerun these same levies asking for the same amounts again...
A Montana Parent's Opinion On Common Core [Opinion]
Let me start by saying that I have great respect for teachers. I am not saying that because I am trying to endear myself to anyone or to get some warm and fuzzy feeling. I am saying it because I have a child who goes to school.
I'm saying it because I try to be a good parent and help my child wi…
School Bells Pinch Wallets
If the sight of all those school supplies filling the aisles of Billings retail stores has you in a panic, it's understandable.
Parents with three children in elementary, middle and high school can expect to pay as much as $3,000 for school supplies and extracurricular activities for the 2015-20…
Best And Brightest!
Not all the kids are just hanging out in the halls at high school. We shared some good news this morning from Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau - she says that the number of high school students who too the ACT Plus Writing test this past spring increased by almost 3,000!
Carrie Underwood Donates $350K to Hometown Schools
Carrie Underwood may get to flit around onstage in shimmering gowns and attend swanky awards shows, but this Oklahoma girl who found her start on ‘American Idol‘ is certainly not one to forget her roots. The world-famous singer brought smiles to the faces of school administrators across …
British School Bans Students from Wearing Makeup
If you think girls these days just grow up too darned fast, you’ll like this.
Shelley College, a secondary school in Britain, thought its female students were painting themselves a little too heavily and spending too much time primping in the bathrooms, so officials banned anyone 16 a…

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