No matter where you visit in Montana, the price of vacationing has certainly increased. We even took the time to breakdown the cost of a vacation in Bozeman specifically and that sort of blew our minds. But that list of costs got us thinking: Are there ways to not only be a smart traveler, but perhaps save some money too? Yes.

Not all of our suggestions are money-savers but all of them are either good for you, good for residents, good for the environment, or good for your wallet. Seems like a win all around.

CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING AT EVENTS/FESTIVALS: It's extremely common to see event organizers asking for volunteers to help set up or break down big events. Reaching out in advance of your trip to sign up to assist might just score you free entry for you and your family to some of the biggest events.

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UBER or LYFT MORE THAN YOU DRIVE: Certainly you may need a car for adventures to Yellowstone or other out-of-town things you want to see, but while you're IN TOWN, getting an Uber keeps you safe if you're planning on drinking and puts money in the pocket of a local driver. We've got plenty of Ubers in the bigger towns so don't worry about surge pricing. That doesn't really happen here. What does happen here is a lot of drinking and driving. Montana has one of the highest alcohol related accident percentages in the entire country...keep yourself and others safe.

Uber Shows Taxis Never Same As Smartphones Roil U.S. Industry
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IF YOU SMOKE, THROW AWAY THOSE BUTTS: Seems like a no-brainer but it's still a real problem, for two reasons: When cigarette butts make their way from a sidewalk to our sewers, some of that water can end up in these pristine rivers you came here to see in the first place. Runoff and drain water have go somewhere, right? Also, flicking a cigarette butt out the window on a highway can be the start of a massive wildfire. It's happened before and it would be great to never have that happen again.

Photo by Sarah Meltzer
Photo by Sarah Meltzer

LOVE OUR TRAILS? BRING A BAG AND GRAB SOME TRASH: Many groups across the state work very hard to improve our trails but it takes all of us to maintain them. When they start going 'downhill', everyone loses. If you're headed out for a hike, consider taking a trash bag along with you and grab any rubbish that's easy to dispose of. You'll find bear-proof trash cans as the base of the most popular trails. If you happen to spot something large that needs to be removed or trail steps that are damaged, Google a local trail group to let them know. The more eyes the better.

Hope these tips help you have a great Montana experience.

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