I usually don't care too much about what the legislators are discussing at the session in Helena, but this year is different. My hope is that somebody has already introduced a bill to take us back to we don't have to dial the "406" when calling people in Montana. I mean, we used to have it that way. I'll work on whatever our slogan's going to be when we protest having to dial the extra three digits.

The Heights needs a mini golf course.

July 22nd at Pryor Creek Golf Course there will the first annual Kas Loane Foundation Golf Tournament. Kas has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Type Dementia. If you're looking for another good cause to support, here it is.

Speaking of gold, I attended my daughter's school golf team meeting. And the coach covered what all the kids would be learning over the season. But mostly he talked about the importance of having warm and waterproof gear. Apparently, if you're going to play Spring golf, you're going to get rained on. Also, the MHSA is now allowing parents to walk the course while the kids are playing. We just have to stay a ways away and you can't do any coaching.

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And finally, Bingo. I haven't played Bingo in a very long time. But I wandered into a meeting of the Yellowstone Valleys Electric Cooperative employees and they were playing Bingo.

So, I pulled up my six cards and my orange blotter. And I'm sure that our caller did his best, but if he just would have called "I-16" during the last blackout game, my day would have been different.

And for the last game they did something that I thought was pretty cool. Whoever got a Bingo, would get an extra day off from work. It turned out that SEVEN of the line hands got Bingos.

Now I can't wait to play Bingo again.

See you Monday morning at 5.

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