If you've been listening to Cat Country this week, then you've probably heard about our contest with Luke Combs. We are going to fly two folks to a yet-to-be-named location on a yet-to-be-named date.

Which got me thinking... Would most of you participate in a contest where you and your significant other just show up at the airport on a certain day? And you have no idea where your plane is going? You just get on and try to figure out where you're headed while you're in the air. Because the pilots won't tell you what your destination will be.

I think that most would be up for an adventure like that. But we need to change the dynamic a little bit because if you're flying commercially out of Billings, you're either going to Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, or Minneapolis. So, let's pretend that we've got a private jet and your destination possibilities are nearly endless.

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So now I'm thinking that this would be sort of like the TV game show "Deal Or No Deal". On that show, it's a process of elimination. So when you get down to the last few briefcases, you know that you might win $500,000. You also know that you might win $1.

So we would have to list all of the possible destinations that winners might end up at. So you start with trips to Las Vegas, Disney Land, and maybe even Cancun, Mexico.

Travel from Billings MT to Las Vegas NV
Credit: Canva

But contestants also need to realize where they might land. Someplace like Havre or some other small town. Just as long as that town has a hotel for our winners to stay in, you could end up there.

And please don't send me any "What's wrong with Havre??" e-mails. I just picked a random small town that's not generally known as a huge tourist destination. And I'm pretty sure that they have an airport.

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