What do you think would go through your head if you were ice climbing in Wyoming's Grand Teton Mountains and you fell, sliding down a steep ice ramp toward what might be your doom?

I'm sure some foul language might escape your lips.

Some panic will be felt, for sure.

Whatever thought you think would fly through your head, you might be surprised.

COLDFEAR is a podcast about Ice Climbing.

In a recent podcast, they featured the story of someone who had just such a fall but lived to tell the story.

So, what do you think was going through this man's head as he slid down the ice from so high up?

In early August of 2022 Matt Berry found himself rocketing off the Grand Traverse down a glacier on his back. To this day he is still not sure what happened.

The Grand Traverse is one of North America's most iconic climbing traverses which covers one of the most recognized skylines across the Grand Tetons.

Matt and his partner Sean Dunlop sit down with me to tell their story.

Thanks to the local Search and Rescue Team, Sean, and a good helicopter pilot, Matt is nearly recovered a year from the accident.

Lots to learn from this story.

You won't take just one GPS communication device into the mountains ever again.

Listen to this Coldfear Podcast at this link.

"To be honest there is not a lot going through your head at this moment," said Matt.

attachment-coldfear podcast

Aaron Mulkey, a professional ice climber and explorer hosts the podcast.

He has spent decades roaming mountain ranges around the world.

Mulkey and his co-hosts discuss experiences of Adventure, Exploration, Ice climbing, Training, and anything else that intrigues them.

After you hear what went through this climber's mind as he slid so close to death, you might reassess what would go through your mind.

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