It's a Dairy Queen kind of day. I decided that at about 4:40 this morning when I was driving by the Heights' DQ.

I've been a DQ guy since I was a kid (what kind of kids aren't?). But I don't think that we had a DQ in Great Falls until I was in junior high school. As I recall, we had an ice cream joint called Tastee-Freez within bike-riding distance from our house.

You should never underestimate the power of ice cream. I picked my daughter up from school one day last year and she was in tears. She was having trouble with her friends, a couple of teachers, and life in general. So she was telling me about her day and I didn't turn where I normally do to take her to her house.

She said, "Hey, you missed the turn". I told her that was on purpose. I told her that we were going to DQ because I'd never seen a sad kid with ice cream. And it worked. Butterfinger Blizzard to the rescue.

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I've always liked DQ but let's not sell Wendy's Frosties short. I like the chocolate version. And I just didn't get around to trying the peppermint version that they offered. But I know how much I like the candy cane version of the Hershey Hugs, so I can only imagine how good the peppermint Frosty was.

And when I just want to sit still and have "old time" ice cream by the scoop, I still like Baskin Robbins. Get it on a cone, or get it in a bowl and leave your troubles behind.

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