One of the best ways to raise revenue has always been through a person's stomach. The Griz stadium will now offer some premium seats that will allow beer to be purchased and consumed.

I don't have a problem with this since this practice is done in just about every sports venue in America. Other colleges in this country have been doing it for years and it adds another revenue stream for schools to help offset the cost of athletics. I know there will be times when someone gets out of hand and belligerent but that happens in a Chucky Cheese nowadays.

University of Montana football game.
Credit: Angel

Food and refreshments always pay dividends. Look at movie theaters, refreshments provide them with tons of revenue. I've often preached that high school games should have free admission for every student in the schools. Consumable product revenue would accomplish a couple of things it would get more kids involved in their school's sports teams and that missing gate revenue would double the refreshment stand revenue.

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It's the same principle behind the free admission at the fair. That ten dollars would be spent over and over again by the kids and would also see them going over and over again instead of just once. They would eat and drink every night and ride some rides too. The revenue growth would far outpace the loss of gate admission. It doesn't matter what the event and what the age, refreshments and beverages are always a win-win for the event.

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