Love keeps people together and money tears people apart.

In an article today from Association Press News, professionals ranging from finance experts to clinical therapists said that money and financial arguments are the biggest reasons people break up and marriages fail. Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, told Associated Press that he advises talking constantly with your partner about money, lifestyle, goals, and dreams.

My advice is totally different. You need to talk about all of that and get it figured out before you place that ring on the finger. If both of the people have a history of being totally irresponsible with money, have dug a huge financial hole, and are both reckless in their spending and discipline, then they are doomed at the start.

People usually don't change either. If you are in love with someone who doesn't have a clue about finances and money management and conducts himself or herself foolishly then why would you even commit to that person anyway. Love is not going to fix these deep-rooted habits and the problems will only compound.

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My dad and mom were married for almost 70 years before my dad died and he, like many, will tell you marriage is tough enough without having to throw the stress of financial problems into the mix. We need to do a better job at an early age to teach people about money, saving, planning, budgeting, etc before so many get THEMSELVES into trouble.

Do you plan on having kids? Do you think you both were having financial troubles before? Throw kids into the mix and watch the problem grow. They're not cheap.

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