"Coach Lou Holtz and Stephen Miller Sound Off"

Our producer Travis nailed it when he came up with today's podcast description.

That's right, we had an exclusive interview with Stephen Miller in Montana on Wednesday morning. Miller was a top policy advisor to President Trump, especially when it comes to border policy. He is one of the most significant voices of the America First movement, and he tore into liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) on the radio airwaves in Montana.

Tester Thinks You Are Stupid

Stephen Miller: "Here in Washington for a number of years now, it is the biggest open secret in the city of Washington that Jon Tester hates Montana, hates Montanans, laughs at you all, mocks you, and comes to DC and is Schumer's and Pelosi's and Biden's errand boy. He is their errand boy. He does not give one damn about what is good for Montana. He does whatever he is told by Schumer, Pelosi, now Jeffries, and Joe Biden. He is a disgrace. It is a disgrace. He thinks that every election year a few months out, his out of state rich buddies can dump millions of dollars into TV ads, and show up there and say- Hey, look at me. I've got a buzz cut. I wear flannel shirts. I'm a normal guy. Vote for me. Ignore my years of horrific, radical Marxist votes. That's how little he thinks of the people of Montana."

Tester Voted to Allow Men in Girls Locker Rooms and for Open Borders

Stephen Miller: "That 'dirt farmer' just voted to let men compete in women's sports. Men- biological men- to compete against your daughters, to change in their dressing rooms, to undress. Biological men with male anatomy to undress in front of little girls. That's what he voted for. Have you met one dirt farmer in Montana- real dirt farmer- who thinks that's okay? Have you ever met one? I haven't. Who is this man? What is wrong with him? Why in God's name would somebody claiming to represent Montana subject your daughters to that kind of humiliation and pain. Jon Tester just also voted to kill the Laken Riley Act."


Listen to the full audio with Stephen Miller below. Plus, I got to catch up with the legendary football coach Lou Holtz right before Miller. Coach Holtz recently launched a new podcast with the America First Policy Institute.

What is Coach Lou Holtz's Podcast All About?

Coach Holtz: Whether you're talking about the business of football or saving our country, everything's determined by the culture of a country. And our culture has just really gone drastic and I have a lot of people- successful people- and one of the questions I ask of successful people is: what changes have to be made in this culture, this country? And as pointed out, you know, today everybody wants to talk about their rights and privileges. 40 years ago, people talked about their obligations and their responsibilities...but the culture in this country has changed completely. I would like to write a book if I had time, titled 'Freedoms I Have Lost Since I was Born 87 Years Ago.' It's amazing how the culture of this country is changing.

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