I'm thinking of changing my Friday Fragments to The Friday 250. The articles won't change, but it does sound sportier.

I see where the University of Oklahoma is going to give Toby Keith an honorary degree. I just wish that they would have done it while he was still alive. Now, in this case, a lot of people didn't know how sick he was, so I get it. But if you've got an award that you're going to give someone, do it while they're alive to enjoy it.

Sofia Vergara became "Instagram Official" this week. She's now dating the doctor who worked on her knee.

Don't forget that the Circus is in town. This one features an escaping elephant.

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Saturday is the 10th annual Chase Hawks Bike Rodeo. It's at Albertsons at 5th & Central from 10-2. Come on down to get your kids' bikes tuned up and have a free hot dog.

On Saturday, May 11th, Town & Country Foods will let your kids decorate their own Mother's Day cakes. The cost is only 5 bucks (plus the cost of the cake I'm assuming) and happens from 10-1.

I saw something on Facebook that featured a picture of a spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich. Mmm.

Are you like me? Do you check the sheriff's report every week to see if you know anybody on there? Good news. None of my friends are criminals.

Paul did some seeding this week. So, that means that tomorrow starts the mowing season at the Wilson Estate. The main difference between our operations is that my tractor has a cup holder.

Have a great weekend.

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