It's a big kids' weekend this week in Farmer Finishers.

Tomorrow at Albertsons on Central, it's the 10th annual bike rodeo. Kids are encouraged to take their bikes there for a free tune-up, have some lunch, talk to some firemen, and just have a good time. The more kids we can get riding bikes, the better off they will be. Child obesity is a huge problem now among our youth, so get them off a screen and get them on a bike. They have plenty of bike raffles too, so they may even win a new one.

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The other event this weekend is the circus, going on at Metra with different showtimes available. Kids love the circus, and it may be the last time they can see an elephant perform. I remember years ago in Cincinnati, the circus came to town and they brought everything in on a train. When they put the ramps up to get the elephants off of the train cars, they wouldn't come out. They had to build a dirt ramp for them because they knew it was hollow underneath the ramp. I guess you could say they put their foot down until they had something a little more sturdy.

I'm going to brand some tomorrow, and I hope it rains so hard I have to wait. I don't mind; I can always work around something that will pay later. We could sure use it.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you back here Monday at 5.

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