Before Josh Abbott Band‘s third album, ‘Small Town Family Dream’ ever reached country music airwaves, the band made a big splash when they released ‘Touch’ — the first single off of the album. The Texas natives also created an emotionally-charged video to help promote the song, and it’s sure to be one which tugs at your heart strings.

The heartbreaking video tells the story of a girl who is haunted by her former lover, who was sadly killed in action during war. The video interlaces shots of soldiers at war, the lead actress fighting with her lover’s ghost and the girl eventually moving on. ‘Touch’ is the perfect song to tell this tragic story.

Although the clip isn’t all flowers and rainbows, Abbott is excited that CMT has picked up his latest music video and played it frequently. “Growing up in my house, I remember watching CMT as a family. You hadn’t ‘made it’ unless you had a video on there. It feels surreal, almost like a movie, that now they’re playing one of mine,” said Abbott. “Mom is gonna be one proud and happy momma.”

Since the Josh Abbott Band released their third album, ‘Small Town Family Dream’ has climbed up the country charts. The band is gearing up to play several shows in the south this summer. Click here to see if they’re coming to a city near you.

Watch the Josh Abbott Band ‘Touch’ Video