Kane Brown is set to drop his major-label debut album on Dec. 2, and in advance of the project's release, he's shared one of its most sobering tracks -- a song called "Learning."

In "Learning," Brown talks about three different stages of his life and gets honest with his listeners about what he's been through: "When I was six years old, I kinda wet the bed / My stepdad came in and nearly beat me to death ...," Brown begins. "My mom, she was workin', there was nobody there / My nana showed up, she was super protective / Had a tear in her eye, she saw I was neglected ... Three weeks later, she had him locked in a cell."

The second verse of "Learning" finds Brown recalling middle school and his "new problems," such as trying to fit in but "gettin' looked down on just because of your skin" and being unable to afford the brand names his classmates were wearing. In the song's final verse, Brown mourns friends gone too soon due to drugs and violence: "Did it for his kid, now he won't be around / Guess the little one's gonna be just like me now ...," the artist raps over a country-tinged beat.

In the chorus of "Learning," however, Brown offers a good message to any listener holding on to a grudge or a past letdown: "I'm gonna let it go / Forgiveness / Is somethin' we gotta know," Brown muses. "'Cause if you hold on forever, it'll hurt your soul / That's why I'm learnin' how to let it go."

Brown first shared "Learning" with his social media fans and followers back in July. After hearing the song herself, Brown's mother commented, "I was the best mom I could be I hope you always know that. I love you. You know I am crying like a baby." A number of fans replied with love and support, as did Brown himself: "Your were and are the best mom in the world . I love you with all my heart and will always be here for you."

"Learning" is Track No. 3 on Brown's forthcoming album. The self-titled project will be Brown's first full-length release since getting signed to RCA Nashville earlier in 2016.

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