Keith Urban was blown away by the talent of Carson Lueders after stumbling upon a YouTube video of the adorable young boy playing 'For You' last year. Now 11 years of age, the viral cover singer had the honor of performing with Urban in person on 'The View.' Or, was it Urban who had the honor of jamming with Lueders?

On Wednesday (Sept. 11), the ladies on 'The View' played one of the many videos Lueders has on YouTube, and even from a short clip, anyone can see that he's a talented little fellow. With his light blond hair, sweet smile and musical abilities (both on guitar and vocals), he really has the makings of a star.

"I'm out of a job!" exclaimed Urban after the clip ended.

The country rocker appeared on the show to discuss his brand new album 'Fuse' and perform 'Cop Car' for the audience. Lueders was under the impression that he would be there to watch Urban, so when he was called out of the audience to play a song, he said, "I'm excited! I didn't even know I was doing this."

Unlike many kids his age who would most likely freeze up around their favorite country singer, he took it all in stride, telling Urban, "I just learned a little bit of your new popular song, 'Little Bit of Everything,' so I'm going to play the chorus for you."

The Aussie star responded, "I'm gonna watch; I might learn a few things." Then, Lueders got another surprise -- Urban grabbed his guitar and started harmonizing with him.

And as a grand finale, the 'American Idol' judge even gave his biggest fan a brand new guitar, also announcing that he's going to release his own line of stringed instruments. "We're building these guitars, and I want you to be the first one to have one," Urban told Lueders.

It was a pretty magical day for Lueders, playing with someone who has deeply inspired him musically -- and we think Urban walked away feeling pretty inspired, as well.

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