America is the Land of Opportunity and I think that is truer now than it has ever been, despite all the negative things you hear about our country and our capitalist system.

The difference is that these days there are no gatekeepers.  Just a couple of decades ago, if you wanted your message, song, art, book or whatever to reach a large audience you had to convince a powerful group to give you a platform.  Now, we all have a platform.  Youtube has birthed some mainstream stars, but even those folks who aren't household names are still doing pretty well.

Ryan is only seven, but his youtube channel made $22 million in 2018 by reviewing toys from Wal Mart.  He wasn't subjected to all of the perils usually associated with childhood fame..just working with his family making videos.

If you ever get discouraged about "making it" or buy in to this 1% nonsense, just remember that there are people out there who are making it just fine and if you're reading this, you have all of the tools you need.

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