I knew I wasn't alone!  According to Pew research, it looks like the number one reason people use Youtube is to learn new things.  I spend more time than I care to admit on Youtube, but I'm not just watching cat videos, I'm learning how to do things like forging, woodwork, electronics, guitar, etc.

To be fair, I don't actually own a lot of the tools I need to apply what I've "learned", so I suppose it's more like I'm watching people work, but that doesn't sound as cool, so I'll stick to my story that I'm learning things.

Two things I actually do apply are guitar and cooking.  I'm not a great guitar player, but I have certainly come a long way since I first started learning to play back in 2011.  If you're a student of Youtube U, feel free to leave a comment to give a shout out to your favorite Youtube teacher.

The video above is one of my favorite teachers when it comes to fabricating just about anything, Jimmy Diresta.