Even the least computer savvy among us knows, the internet is loaded with creepy pervs and sexual predators.  Keeping our kids isolated from that is not an easy task, so when massive sites, like YouTube, make an effort to help that cause, I appreciate it.

YouTube has announced that it will no longer allow minors to "Live Stream" without adult supervision.  It's not a perfect system, but it's a smart move in the right direction.  With live streaming, there is no chance for a parent to review content and the internet at large is able to actively communicate with the person broadcasting the stream.  It's an opportunity for a predator to learn a child's location. or other details that might make them identifiable.

I don't think we should keep kids offline or try and hide them from technology that has risks, but I don't think we should allow them to make the decisions about what's risky and what is not.  There are many minors making money on YouTube and for the 16-18 year olds, this restriction is probably not happy news, but as a parent, I still say yes to this move from Youtube.

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