The members of Little Big Town aren't exactly known to be troublemakers, but the quartet's Kimberly Schlapman almost got hip-hop business magnate Russell Simmons into a little hot water with his wife!

"We were on the elevator with Russell Simmons in a department store in L.A. and he had on like a blue tooth deal," Little Big Town member Karen Fairchild told The Country Vibe, "and so he was talking, he was finishing up a call but he was talking out loud."

Fellow Little Big Town member Schlapman decided to answer Simmons. "In her distinctly sweet, southern voice, Kimberly said to Russell, 'I'm sorry, were you talking to me?'" Fairchild continued. Schlapman's question nearly caused a little controversy, according to Fairchild. "Russell whispered, “No, shhh.  And my wife will not like that.”

The 'Pontoon' singer laughed as she recalled the incident. “He was very funny and very charming, but I guess Kimberly’s southern voice pierced right through the blue tooth.”

Sounds like that was quite an "Oops" moment for the rap mogul and the country singer. At least the ladies of LBT can look back and laugh about it now.


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