Today's photo was taken backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in 1983. My dad and I got to mingle backstage with some of the stars before a show. Back in those days just about anybody would stop and smile so you could "get your picture made."

So, I can check the Grand Ole Opry off of my checklist of touristy places I want to see before I die.

I've also been to both Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks and won't return when they are crowded.

I've also been to Disneyland and Disney World, Magic Mountain, Six Flags Over Georgia, Bush Gardens, Red Rocks, The Space Needle and Seattle Tour,  and I've seen professional football and baseball in Seattle, Denver, Miami, and San Diego.

So, I'm trying to lump a couple of "must see/must do" items in the same areas.

We hit Mt. Rushmore a couple of summers back and I'd like to get back over there for a show or two in Deadwood, and also because we didn't get around to seeing the Crazy Horse Mountain carving. I'd still like to see that. And in and around Lead, South Dakota there are all kinds of ATV trails and cabins that you can rent.

I've seen the Redwood Forrest and driven Highway 101 on the west coast a couple of times.

My next adventures will not include camping. I have slept on my last rock, anthill, and mud puddle. So, from this point forward, any sight where I'm "camped" will be within view of a steak house or have room service.

So, let me know what I'm missing if you've been somewhere awesome that I haven't.

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