Well, apparently Elle King had a little too much to drink before the Dolly Parton Birthday Tribute Show at the Rhyman this past weekend.

She forgot the lines to Dolly's song "Marry Me". So, she changed them and added a little profanity.

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She then acknowledged hecklers at the show and told them that they weren't getting their money back. Followed by "I'm *blanking* hammered."

The Grand Ole Opry issued a statement. "We deeply regret and apologize for the language that was used during last night's second Opry performance."

Some questioned if this was a cry for help. I couldn't tell you. I can tell you that she had a hit with Miranda Lambert called "Drunk And I Don't Wanna Go Home." On the promos that I've seen for Blake Shelton's "Barmageddon", she seems to play the part of hard-drinking outlaw queen pretty well.

The only time that I ever saw a drunk performer was at a Mel McDaniel concert that I emceed at a place called Joe's Smoke Ring in Evaro, not far out of Missoula in 1985.

I was standing backstage next to him watching the opening act which was the Mission Mountain Wood Band. I could smell the booze on Ol Mel.

For being as drunk as he was, he did a pretty good show. But after the third time that he sang "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On", his people came out and got him, ending the show.

For the huge number of concerts that I've been to, that was the only one where I could tell that the star of the show was hammered.

Now, back to Elle. We'll see what Nashville thinks of her outburst by how many of her songs make it to country radio. And if she gets invited back to the Grand Ole Opry or not.

Elle King at Montana Fair in Billings!

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