We ate at McDonald's yesterday and I snapped this picture with the idea being that I would blog about somebody that you know that has collected the most toys associated with movies.

But, after doing some research, I'm going a different way. Toy Story 4 merchandise. And there's a lot of it.

In addition to collecting all of the toys in your Happy Meals, you could also purchase:

  • the Adidas Ultraboost 19X Toy Story 4 shoe,
  • TS4 pop sockets, TS4 ice cream from Edy's/Dreyers,
  • TS4 bedding from Pottery Barn,
  • TS4 Woody's boots,
  • TS4 Funko mystery mini's,
  • a collection of TS4 Hot Wheels cars,
  • (and my favorite) from Lego, the Duke Kaboom Stunt Set. It even comes with a fake "Ring Of Fire".

I might buy that one.

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