Mercedes is pulling out all the stops in their 2013 Super Bowl commercial. Not only does the spot feature celebrities like Willem Dafoe, Usher and Kate Upton, it also features the classic Rolling Stones song 'Sympathy for the Devil.'

In the spot, it's Dafoe who plays the devil. (Are you surprised? Why are you surprised? Of course he does. It's probably what he was doing in his spare time anyway.) He appears when a young man in a coffee shop looks out and sees a new billboard for the Mercedes CLA. "Nice car," says the Dark Lord. Then he offers the man the wheels and "everything that goes along with" for the devil's typical price.

As the commercial progresses, we see the "everything along with it," which includes photo-ops with Upton, dance offs with Usher, screaming fans and race car glory.

But when the man is about to sign away his soul, something happens. He looks out at the billboard again and notices they've added the price. The CLA starts at the un-Mercedes price of $29,990.

"Thanks, I think I got this," the man says, causing the devil to disappear in a puff of smoke.

Unless he manages to pop up and do his worst in another commercial, it looks like Satan is a Super Bowl XLVII loser.

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