In the trailer for the upcoming horror film 'World War Z,' which will air during the 2013 Super Bowl, something is amiss.

It starts when Brad Pitt's character and his family are stuck in traffic. Police motorcycles start zipping by and when Pitt goes out to investigate, he is told to get back in his car. Also, his hair is long, so you know things are serious.

The street is under attack from a strange army. In fact, so is the entire East Coast and China too.

While the trailer doesn't quite let on what's going on, we won't be spoiling anything when we tell you that it's zombies who are doing the attacking. That's why the movie is called 'World War Z, 'after all.

And they're not the traditional slow-moving type of ghouls you are used to. These walkers can also run and jump and climb like monkeys. So expect Pitt's hair to fly in all different directions when he does battle against these undead athletes.

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