Ok, I feel like we tell everyone this stuff every year for 22 years & somehow people still have questions.  So, here’s some answers!

  1. Tonight at 7pm – be at the Stadium Club if you have ever entered the Flakes Mexico Trip. You can’t register – but if you have registered before, you have to be present to win
  2. Parking: tough – that lot is not big enough for all of our friends - carpool
  3. Starting at 8pm, we pull 50 entries out of the big bucket & start eliminating the losers!
  4. There’s only 1 winner for the Mexico trip, so that means 49 losers. But, even our losers get prizes

I want to thank our prize sponsors:

Travel Café – we trade the trip with them & they take care of all the details.  They are always excellent to work with.

The Tee Box – this is the thing I need - 1 hour golf lesson for 2 people.

Cabela’s – they give us gift cards to give away – who doesn’t love Cabela’s?

Sun Haven Tanning – look like you’ve been to Mexico, even if you haven’t!

High Horse Saloon $25 gift cards

Spa services:  facials, Botox, massages, etc. from Oasis Health Spa

Billings Clinic Facial Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics donated $100 for spa services

Stop by, say hi & have a drink with us tonight at the Stadium Club!

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