Every once in awhile, an artist like Miranda Lambert needs to remind the country music community what crazy looks like. All this talk of marriage, babies and puppy dogs could have left some (unwisely) wondering if Nashville’s most explosive firecracker had settled into life as a domestic diva. ‘Fastest Girl in Town’ is Lambert breathing fire again.

The new single is her latest album’s ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ or ‘Kerosene,’ although it’s somewhat unfair to lump the song into a category, even if it’s one Lambert created. The only similarities are the thunderous guitar chords, PG-13 lyrics and unrestrained attitude.

Ain’t no use in tryin’ to slow me down / ‘Cause you’re runnin’ with the fastest girl in town,” Lambert sings during the chorus before shouting, “Ain’t you baby / I like ‘em crazy.

Structurally, ‘Fastest Girl in Town’ stands alone. There are four verses, two furious guitar solos and no real bridge. Yet Lambert still packs her story of two rebels on the run into a tidy three minutes and 20 seconds. This song is Steve Miller‘s ‘Take the Money and Run’ on speed, with knives, guns and eyebrow-raising sexual tension.

My reputation / Follows me around / Just makes me wanna give ‘em more to talk about,” she adds during the second verse. “Let’s go to town / for a little while / I’ll be wearing nothin’ but a tattoo and a smile.”

Neither of the previously mentioned Lambert singles was a huge radio hit — ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ peaked at No. 7 — but ‘Fastest Girl in Town’ should find an easier path to No. 1. The song works better because she is married now. Conservative country music fans will breathe easy knowing she’s playing something of a character (right?), whereas before she seemed too dangerous to trust. Somehow, slowing down gives this singer gives room to push her songs further. That is a dangerously delicious cocktail.

5 Stars

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