If you ever plan on visiting Yellowstone National Park, or anywhere else that may have North American Bison, hereafter referred to as buffalo, this reminder could save your life: These animals are not friendly.

For whatever reason, some recent visitors of Yellowstone are under the impression that the animals are in some way domesticated, or trained not to attack. This misunderstanding could cost you your life.

The growing trend seems to be with the buffalo in Yellowstone. What would possibly make someone think that these giant, hideous creatures would enjoy posing for some Facebook fodder? Many visitors are actually making it a point to get a selfie with a buffalo dangerously close in the background. Risking their life for a #buffaloselfie moment.

Take, for instance, the mother and her 6-year-old daughter who in July were within six yards of a bison. As she turned her back to pose for the #bisonselfie, the animal charged. She escaped with minor injuries.

In May, a foreign exchange student was literally gored in the butt cheeks standing 6 six feet away from one of the bison. At least three others have survived similar encounters this summer, according to park officials.



This may sound a bit mean, but if people are foolish enough to not understand that these giant creatures could be potentially dangerous, then I have to assume it is just natural selection at work. For me, the massive, giant horns and unfriendly stare are more than enough to tell me to keep my distance.

If those things don't matter to you, here's a basic rule of thumb: Put at least 25 yards between you and the buffalo. That's a minimum distance and not "guaranteed safe." If you're feeling like a daredevil and want to invade their space, please don't drag your kids into your own stupidity. Granted, they might be a little slower and aid in your getaway, but there's something just not right about it.