"This is Francis in Bigfork." She is one of my favorite callers into our statewide radio show. She now lives in Bigfork but originally grew up on the other side of the state in Plentywood- the Northeast corner of Montana.

I've always enjoyed hearing her great phone calls on the show, but haven't yet gotten a chance to meet Francis. So there I was- at Ryan Zinke's Freedom Rally Friday afternoon at the Blue Moon Rodeo Grounds when of our listeners came up and said hello. The Flathead County Republicans were handing out their 2022 "Flathead Republicans Voter's Guide" and there she is- Francis in Bigfork is featured on the front holding a Henry .22.

Thankfully, Francis called in to the show on Monday morning so I could confirm that that is indeed her on the cover of the Flathead GOP voter's guide. She said she wanted to come see us at the freedom rally at the Blue Moon, but she had hair and doctor's appointments that had already been scheduled a long time in advance. "And that really irked me, but you can't wait for months to do this," Francis told me.

I remember getting a phone call from Francis very early on in 2020, and she told me that if they're going to force her to wear a mask, she's going to make sure it is a Trump mask.

What did she call in about this AM? She wanted to make sure that all the ladies out there understand just how much oil goes into practically EVERYTHING you buy. It's not just the oil and gas in your car, it's beauty products, clothes, the tires on electric cars, you name it.

We look forward to the next great phone call from Francis in Bigfork. We look forward to your phone call as well. Oh yeah, don't forget to vote.

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