As far as I am concerned, the most important profession in the world is that of a teacher.

Without teachers, none of us would be able to do anything we do.

There would be no doctors to save lives. No police to know how to protect our streets. No firefighters to save people and property.

None of us would know how to read or write, do math or science, solve problems or create scenarios.

Face it, without teachers there wouldn't be anyone that would know how to do anything. We owe every ounce of our knowledge to our teachers.

The Washington Post released a story regarding how much teachers make in each state.

Here in Montana they say the average income of a teacher is $49,999 a year.

The thing that bothers me is teachers are the creators of the world and they should make so much more than they do. They get undercut in so many ways and I don't think it is fair.

Do you think $49,999 a year is enough income for teachers in the Treasure State?

What do you say? Are they making too much, just right or not enough? I honestly think they should be making more than they do. They deserve it.

Without my teachers, there is no way I could do anything I do. Thank you, I appreciate you.

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