One of the big draws for my family and I to move to Montana was the wildlife. Hunting, fishing and the outdoors. We love to get out and be one with nature.

Whenever we can get the chance in the summer we are fishing. Whether by boat or bank fishing, we love it all and my boys can't seem to get enough of it.

When I was a kid, my dad would take me up to the reservoir that was near our house to drown a few worms. I never knew it then, but figured it out after he passed away that it was much more than just fishing. It's like that for many parents and kids and that is was I love about being so close to it all. It's convenient to create long-lasting memories that, hopefully long after I am gone, my kids will remember.

After doing a little research, I believe I have come across the top 3 place in Montana to go bass fishing.

According to Montana Game and Fish this is where you want to go:

Whether it's bass fishing, trout fishing or "Cat" fishing, take us along for the ride and let's make a memory or two.

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