All this talk about graduation has had me thinking back on mine. I graduated from CM Russell High School in May of 1981.

I was an assistant manager at Pizza Hut at the time. I was making $3.25 an hour and thought I was doing pretty good. I was pretty sure that I would have my own Pizza Hut when the company opened its next one in Wyoming.

My grandparents from Tennessee flew up for the event and my ceremony was held in the school's fieldhouse which wasn't air-conditioned. Of course, it was a hot day.

I was seated alphabetically next to Wand Wilmont, who was gorgeous.

I remember thinking that it was funny how proud of me everybody was when I just looked at it as something I didn't have any choice about. The money I was given from the announcements I had sent out, I'm certain, was the most cash I'd ever had at once in my young life.

I also remember being extremely certain about the direction my future would go. Of course, I was wrong on just about everything.

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