I think most people wonder what their lives would look like if they had made different choices along the way. I certainly do.

If I wouldn't have left Pizza Hut, I might have a chain of my own restaurants somewhere. If that was the case, we wouldn't offer anchovies. My pizza joint, my rules.

I could have sold just about anything. I sold solar panels briefly. And I've had to talk folks into putting their cash down on used vehicles that I was selling. I even sold my last house without a realtor.

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Many, many of my buddies have suggested (while we were drinking) that we should go in together and buy a bar and restaurant. No. Thank you. I felt that way back when you could still find people who wanted to work. I feel like I could do the job but I would recommend that you get into that business when you're closer to 30 than 60.

If I would have continued to drive a school bus, I would have eventually moved up to driving the coaches and hauling high school teams from city to city across Montana. I'd be following in my grandfather's footsteps. He had three million miles in when he drove for Greyhound. Colstrip is looking for school bus drivers and paying them twenty-five dollars an hour.

In the end, the footsteps that I followed were my father's. Dad's gone now but I made sure that he knew how appreciative I was that he helped me make radio my career. I know that he would tell you that he learned a few things from his kid too.

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