I've been looking at some old photographs of Billings lately that have popped up on my feeds and can't help noticing all of the nostalgic signs there were. It's hard to find any that are left anymore. I really find these new bright electronic signs annoying. They all look alike and don't require the artistic touch that the old ones have.

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The old Lazy KT hotel sign was a great example, none like it. Another one that I really like that's still in operation is the one down at the Parkway Motel. It's right off the  South Frontage road and catches my eye every time I drive by. Other than that there aren't many neon signs left anymore. There are a few small ones downtown but most of the neon nowadays is either an open or closed sign or a beer beverage sign. The old good ones are all gone.

The old neon signs could only tell you about one thing, these new electronic ones can just keep flashing up things and you may not even see all the things at one traffic light.

I've never been to Las Vegas but if I ever go I want to see the big neon sign museum they have there. It's basically a sign graveyard of all the early signs in Vegas.

I'm sure most of the ones left require a certain set of skills to keep them going or repair them and we probably don't have that skill set here. Soon they'll all be just a memory..

See ya tomorrow at 5.

Neon Museum - Las Vegas

Gallery Credit: Tim Thomas

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