Pictured above is not the expensive pair of sunglasses I'm writing about.  I didn't own those long enough to get a picture of them. Above are the cheap ones I've had for about five years now.  My new Oakley sunglasses made it a grand total of six days.  That's right; not even a full week of enjoyment.

I know I'm not the only one with this curse, but I can't seem to learn my lesson.  I have occasional problems with my eyes and when I'm having a rough day with them, the sun makes things 10 times worse, so every few years I decide I'm going to spring for a good pair of sunglasses.  Expensive is a subjective term,  but for me, the $90 Oakleys I bought fall into the expensive category.  My guess is that they are now being enjoyed by a customer at Boot Barn because I think that's where we parted ways.

I saw a thread on Reddit where someone says they bought a very expensive set of sunglasses which they keep in a safe.  Now, any subsequent sunglasses purchases will avoid the curse of being "the good pair." Sounds crazy, but it might be my next move.

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