This morning as I was walking to work after buying my iced mocha a homeless gentleman ran me down from behind (figuratively) and when he caught up to me he asked me if I wanted to buy some sunglasses. Obviously this budding entrepreneur was not deterred by the fact my sunglasses were sitting on top of my head. He proceeded to pull several pairs out for my perusal.

I have to say I applaud the young man (pictured above) for trying to make an honest buck (I'm assuming he found most of these sunglasses on the ground or left on park benches) rather than simply panhandling but he needs help with his sales pitch. When it's obvious you haven't showered in days (or weeks) and you are wearing a trench coat chasing people from behind they have a tendency to run or pull out their glock 9 (we are in Montana). Perhaps in Sharpie he could write "sunglasses for sale" across his back or something. When walking up to prospective customer he could say "pardon me, is the sunlight hurting your eyes?" You know, the classic American business growth model... find a problem, offer a solution. Just trying to help.

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