Being a mom I am always reminding my children that how you act is extremely important and what you say is even more important.  When I was growing up I experienced that dreaded thing that our school system pretends doesn't happen in our town, bullying.

I happen to check Facebook earlier today and saw this post from my son, the 16- year-old who goes to Skyview.

First let me say, I am beaming with pride and love for this kid for standing up for this girl he didn't even know.

I have also cleaned up the post a tad, I will be talking to him about choosing his words a little wiser.

The words in parentheses are my works in place of his not-so-good ones. Here is his post.

" As I sit here, waiting for class to start, I'm sitting next to a bunch of freshman an a bigger gal kinda jogged by to go see a friend an they kept saying "You're gonna cause an earthquake!"

"I glared at them and asked one of them, "Really?

"Are you (kidding) me?

"Just because she's not a stick like you doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings." and he kinda looked down an away and all him and his little (jerk) friends got up an walked away.

"Like, really?  Is this what you do because you're "popular"?

"No, you come from mommy an daddy's money and that's why people like you have the nicest things.

"Kids need to be nice to one another.

Like (gosh dang it). Rant over."

Some may think that this behavior is just kids being kids, but take it from someone who lived through it most of their young life.

The words cut deep and you never forget or get over it.

Please be kind to each other. And, and parents please, please teach your children to respect others.

We are not all cookie cutter-people that look or act the same.  We are individuals and that's what makes us so unique.

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