Before six a.m. this morning Paul was telling us about his three college roommates. I've been sitting here recalling my many, many roomies and what quality stood out for each one. Here's my list:

  • My first one was Steve. Manager at Pizza Hut and a deer hunter. We were never hungry.
  • While attempting to take 18 credits at college, work at a pizza joint, work at a radio station and DJ an occasional dance, I had 4 roommates, who all also worked at the pizza place. I hated pizza for a few years after that.
  • One of those folks had a pet snake that was kept in an aquarium. It was fed a mouse a couple of times a month. And for a couple of days after the feeding, that danged thing would strike at anybody who walked by.
  • I put a gal up once for a summer because she was a friend of our family. The second day that was there, she rearranged all of the towels in the bathroom. Grrr.
  • I had one guy, who was a salesman, move out owing me $500.00.

I'm glad those days are behind me.

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