It started out to be a day just like any other. That's when things changed for the worse.

FYI: This is really hard for me to admit.

By the time I got into studio and started my show, I noticed an itch on my behind that would not seem to go away no matter what position I got in to relieve it. I tried everything without going for it with my hands but there came a point to where I just could not handle it anymore.

With sweat on my forehead...I went in for the kill.

Just as I did...a radio tour came past the studio and I didn't notice right away. I turned around to see a number of people looking at me from through the studio window.

How do you respond to that? I was speechless and devastated to say the least.

I was so embarrassed and don't ever act that way but in this case something had to be done.

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