The measles outbreak across the US (704 cases so far this year) is a serious topic.  Not only is it a serious disease, but it is directly linked to the controversial topic of vaccinations.

I have no desire to get into that debate, but I saw a powerful statement in an article I read today:

"If an infected person enters a room with 10 unvaccinated people, nine of them will get measles," Redfield explained.

In other words, measles is extremely contagious.  Right now, Montana and its bordering states have no reports of measles, but as we enter the travel season, it seems to be just a matter of time.

While I won't try to sway anyone's position on vaccination, I will say that when my child was on the way I started doing some research - in particular on the MMR vaccination.  I'm not a "conspiracy theorist", but when big profits are involved, I do like to at least do my due diligence.  I found that there were risks, but to me they seemed the lesser of two evils.  This is my personal opinion, yet it's no doubt enough to get me flamed online by the anti-vaccination crowd.  The internet is full of articles supporting both sides, so in the end, you will believe what you choose to believe.  In the meanwhile, if your child hasn't been vaccinated against the measles, some extra paranoia might be in order.

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