I won't try to change anybody's vote on anything today. I'll just tell you how I voted on the marijuana issue. I don't know the number of the initiative, because it doesn't matter to me. I read through the explanation of what it would do if passed, and when I see the word 'marijuana", I vote "No".

I am against any legalization of it for any reason, ever.

I know exactly ZERO successful people that I want to hang around who smoke pot. Now, I know some pot smokers. And I know some folks who smoke pot that don't know that I know that they do. But they're either happy with where they are in life, or I don't hang out with them.

For you pot smokers out there, legalization must be kind of funny to you, since you'll be smoking it no matter the vote turns out.

And if you actually need it for pain, I'll bet that you're already getting it.

No pot. Not today. Not ever. Dude.