I love playing tourist in my own town, and still being new to the area, I am just a notch under tourist.

Today we headed East on 90. First stop was Hardin and discovered the Purple Cow Family restaurant, which is now a Chinese Buffett - I guess they ran out of that special breed of cow to serve. After that we motored to the Little Big Horn memorial. If you have any interest in US history, this is a must! And it’s a great ½ day trip that has a huge payoff.

There is a ten dollar entrance fee because it is a national park. But that is a bargain price. The information center is a history book on display –with actual Custer uniforms, maps, weapons and maps that explain the timeline of the US Military/Indian conflicts. Amazing stuff and it’s within 75 miles of Billings. We’re planning on a return trip in the late Spring to hike the trails around the area and get a real feel of Custer’s Last Stand.

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